AdBlue logoSince 1st January 2005, new HGV’s sold in Europe have been required to comply with the Euro 4 emissions standard which halves the emissions limit permitted under Euro 3. A drastic reduction in NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) and soot particles in lorry and bus exhaust fumes.

In order to meet the environmental requirements of the Euro 4 and the Euro 5 standards on polluting HGV emissions, the vast majority of manufacturers have chosen SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology to reduce their nitrogen oxide emissions. This involves incorporating the urea into an aqueous solution called Adblue.


  • A secure investment in order to meet future anti-pollution standards
  • SCR works thoughout Europe with varying qualities of diesel fuel
  • Designed to last as long as your vehicle, SCR doesn’t require any maintenance
  • No impact on frequency of maintenance and oil changes
  • Reduces fuel consumption: a lorry using SCR technology burns between 2% and 5% less fuel than a similar model without SCR technology.

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