Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum delivery?

The minimum delivery we can make by law is 500 litres. However we can deliver enough to fill any domestic tank.

Are there different sized delivery vehicles?

Yes there are. With a range of four, six and eight wheeled tankers, as well as large articulated lorries we can deliver a large range of fuels to any location.

My tank is a little way from the road. Can you still make the delivery?

Our tanker fleet includes tankers that have a 120ft hose, so we are able to make most deliveries.

Can you make unattended deliveries?

Yes, providing we can gain access to your tank.  So, there is usually no need for you to stay at home for us to make your delivery. All of our deliveries are metered and you will receive a printed ticket indicating the precise amount you have received. 

How can I get advice on running my heating system more efficiently, do you have any tips?

OFTEC is the organisation responsible for looking after the oil heating and cooking industry throughout the UK and Ireland. The OFTEC website has a wide range of information, including some great tips for increasing the efficiency of your home heating system.

Once I have placed an order how long will it take for my heating oil to arrive?

Our usual delivery window is 3-5 days, but in particularly busy periods and in bad weather conditions our delivery window may become wider.

If you need an urgent delivery please make sure you notify us when you place your order.

To make sure you don't run low on fuel it's a good idea to keep checking your oil level or to join our Planned Delivery scheme.

What is the difference between kerosene and gas oil?

Kerosene, also known as 28-second oil (or more commonly home heating oil), is produced after the distillation process of crude oil. Most domestic systems run on kerosene because it provides a cleaner and more efficient burn for your home.

Gas oil (red diesel), also known as 35-second oil, is more commonly used in agriculture and industry. Gas oil is less combustible than kerosene and has more carbon atoms.

How can I pay for oil?

You can pay for your oil by Direct Debit, cheque, credit/debit card or via internet or phone banking. Our Budget Account enables you to spread the cost of your fuel into more manageable, monthly amounts. For more information speak to your local Brogan Fuels depot who will be happy to advise you on the best options for you.

Can I receive my invoice electronically?

Yes you can. To sign up to electronic invoicing simply email with your name and account number and we'll do the rest.

What should I do if there is a leak in my tank?

In the event of a leak we recommend that you contact your tank manufacturer immediately.

In the meantime, there are some simple steps you can take to try and prevent any substantial damage.

  • Rub the crack with soap which can act as a temporary fix for smaller cracks.
  • Products such as a clay based leak sealing putty (available from selected retailers) can also temporarily seal the crack/leak. You should then look to organise a tank replacement.
  • Finally, you should contact the 24-hour Environment Agency's UK Pollution Incident hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

How can I protect my oil from thieves?

Brogan Fuels have a selection of monitoring devices that automatically monitor your oil levels.  If your oil levels suddenly drop (indicating a theft or leak) the devices set of an alarm.

How often should I get my heating oil boiler serviced?

Team Energy, Boiler Maintenance experts, suggest you have your boiler serviced once a year.  This will help your boiler operate more efficiently.

Can Brogan Fuels help with boiler insurance?

Yes, just call Team Energy on 0345 300 88 66. Our helpful team will provide you with information on how to obtain the most appropriate insurance package from Bluefin.

Questions about your order

If you have a question about your order please call your local depot who will be only to happy to help.